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The "Tsilil Tikhon" program is the direct continuation of the successful program that the orchestra has been running for the past decade, "Tsilil Rishon".

The activity with high school and middle school students (13-18) includes two components: the Mangan school, within the framework of which an orchestra of school students is formed, and we accompany the program on its various aspects, and a program similar in structure to the "Tsilil Rishon" program for the younger generation in the city Meets the orchestra and the experience of classical music in his study settings, while adapting the program and its contents to more mature students. 

The importance of the program is not only the exposure of the next generation to the classical sounds but mainly the study and assimilation of classical and cultural values as part of a structured study program and not only as part of an experience.

Director of the program "Tzilil Tikhon" - the conductor Gal Altrovich

The orchestra thanks the national culture basket, the city culture basket, the municipal education administration, the education teams and the parents' committees for their support and their huge part in the success of the program. Special thanks to the Peretz Naftali Foundation for its ongoing support of the program.

Our partners in the "Clilil Tikhon" program enable its expansion to additional cities throughout the country, and in particular in the periphery. As part of the partnership, it is possible to adopt a kindergarten or a school, a neighborhood, a city.

Your support helps us achieve the educational goals of the program and expand the target audience, both quantitatively and in its age range.


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