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Opening concert of the 2021-2022 concert season with conductor David Grailsamer

Our orchestra, the wonderful Rishon Lezion Symphony Orchestra, knows how to play spiritually, monolithically, qualitatively.

Her first voices are endowed with spectacular technique and refined musicality.

Groups of instruments are distinguished by a thin and verified sound.

Therefore, Dvořák's symphony sounded spectacular and exciting. powerfully

- Ina Sheikhitovich, Israel Culture, October 2021

Review / "Charlotte" opera by Jules Massenet "Werther" by Massenet in the Israeli opera

"...In this production, the horn section of the Rishon LeZion Israeli Symphony Orchestra stood out very well, the saxophone player, the harp player and the percussionists also played well..."

- Oded Zahavi, Opus - the classical music magazine, 11/13/18

The ISO has produced a crystal and flexible sound…

- Omer Shomroni, Globes 11.2.2010

Fiery Spanish Temperament 

"...the new colors are found in the brilliant music of Bizet (Carmen), in the arias and in the flute solo - that was played splendidly...the RishonLeZion Symphony Orchestra is outstanding, and the wind instruments are wonderful..."

- Ora Binur, Ma'ariv 9.6. 2009

"Forza del Destino" success is, with no doubt whatsoever, the success of conductor Asher Fisch, who established the music as the first and foremost leader of the operatic production. During the three hours of music there were no dull moments. Tension was well preserved throughout, in both the orchestra and chorus....The ISORL, under Asher Fisch; is doing an excellent work.  Verdi has written some superb solo parts for the instrumentalists and flutist MargalitGafni, oboist Gabriella Bukovsky, harpist Ruth Ma'ayani and on top of all of them Clarinettist Michael Gurfinkel are creating exciting arias, performed with the highest quality. Music' is the main reason to attend the current production of "Forza delDestino"…

- Yossi Schiffmann "Habama" 8.1.2008

The ISORL under its Music Director, Dan Ettinger, has shown in last night's concert, its superb ability, to compete with its elder "sister" the Israel Philharmonic on the leadership of the orchestral scene in Israel. Ettinger and the orchestra have presented an outstanding performance of Mahler's First Symphony. Ettinger took great care in shaping every detail..especially beautiful was the sound of the wind instruments.. This was Mahler with all his Glory. 

- Danny Bloch, Voice of Israel, 14. 10.2007   

With the Opening of the New Season

".... I have to admit, that I do not remember a more persuasive conducting of Ettinger, than last night's rendition of Symphonie Fantastique. The work became a piece de resistance, in its ability to fascinate from the first to the last note. Moreover , the narrative effect of the work came into life while enjoying our ears from the pure sound aspect....
The Berlioz'  Symphony performance was excellent, and it made one wonder how could "the State Culture Administration" grade the Israel Symphony Orchestra RishonLeZion, the way it did, in the quality scale of Israel's Orchestras.   I do highly recommend the administration committee members to listen to this performance of the Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique. It was excellent!"

- Haggai Hitron, Ha'aretz, 18.9.2006   

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