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This site is accessible to people with disabilities. We are committed to updating and improving the accessibility of our website on a regular basis,

If you encounter a fault or problem, please contact the orchestra website team at

Meir Nitzan Culture Hall Rishon Lezion 


Accessibility   in the hall includes handicapped parking, elevators, services for the disabled, special places for wheelchairs and more. 

Audio system: A hearing aid system is installed at the Culture Hall in Rishon Lezion with the assistance of the Fund for the Development of Services for the Disabled - the National Insurance Institute.

Headphones can be obtained free of charge upon depositing an ID on the portico floor, in accordance with the "purple note" guidelines.


Parking lots   There are 6 parking lots near the hall:

לב ראשון - רח' רוטנברג 5 (חניון מקורה, מכבד את תו החניה למנויים)_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

קניון רוטשילד - רח' גרינבוים 12 (חניון מקורה, מכבד את תו החניה למנויים)

City center parking lot - End of St. Greenbaum left side

חניון לב העיר - רח' נפתלי הילל 1 

The children's parking lot - Jabotinsky St. corner of Oli Gerdom

Histadrut parking lot - street Rothschild 


Public transportation   You can reach the cultural hall in Rishon Lezion using the following bus lines: 

273, 203, 21, 12, 221, 5, 77, 14, 14a, 19, 20, 57, 119, 129, 11, 17, 18a, 15, 174, 74, 164, 201 and more.

The hall website   for more details

The Opera House The Shlomo Lahat Performing Arts Center 


Accessibility arrangements Details can be seen on the Israel Opera website .  


Parking lots near the opera house There are several parking lots:

Keren Kariya parking lot - St. Dafna corner Shaul the King. 

Golda parking lot - The Beach Estates parking lot is located below the Israeli Opera. 
The parking lot has several entrances, Berkovitch 7, Leonardo da Vinci 30, corner of Berkovitz St. 6. 

Aviv parking lot-  Dubnov 7 
Parking lot at 4 Dubnov St. - Beach Estates 
Parking lot on Daniel Frisch Street 3 
The lottery factory parking lot - 5 Leonardo Da Vinci St. 
Parking lot on Dubnov Street corner Shaul Hamelech Boulevard. 
The Museum Tower parking lot - Shaul Hamelech Ave. 8. 

For more details, hours and prices, please visit the Israel Opera website.


Public transportation   The Israeli Opera can be reached by the following bus lines: 70, 82, 38, 142, 9 

או ברכבת: המשכן לאמנויות הבמה שוכן בין תחנות רכבת "השלום" ובסמוך לתחנת הרכבת "תל אביב Center" (Savidor) which is at the intersection of the streets on the crossroad and Derach Namir. From the train station you can reach the Mishkan on foot, by bus or by taxi. 

Beit The People-Rehovot Culture Hall


Accessibility   In the parking lot of the hall there are several accessible parking spaces, marked prominently. 

There are accessible access roads and convenient passages from the parking lot, all along the way, to the ticket offices and halls._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Accessible toilets  which correspond to the standard measurements according to law, are present in all the halls of the hall. 

Special seats  adapted for wheelchairs are on both sides of row 7

When purchasing a ticket, inform the service representative that you are interested in an accessible seating area.

More details  on the Rehovot Culture Hall website.


Parking lots   Rashit Mosheva Rehovot parking lot, 48 Yaakov.


Public transportation    You can reach the Culture Hall in Rehovot by the following bus lines:

318, 14, 166, 13, 319, 11, 12, 13a

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