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chen cimbalista חן צימבליסטה כלי הקשה קונצרטינו

Photo: Angelica Sher

The successful, exciting and special children's series, led by the arranger conductor and marimba player, Chen Zimbalista, returns for a new season full of surprises.

The success of the series in making classical music accessible to a young audience learning to get to know the sounds, the stories and the layers of culture in the world of music. In the audience you can meet 5-year-old children entering a concert hall for the first time, people captivated by the power of the symphony orchestra, the selection of instruments and the stories that shed color and light on the understanding of the individual notes and those woven into a complete symphony. Grandparents come by their side, sometimes even without their grandchildren, to hear a story and not just a sound, to get to know the instrument and not just the range. 

In the 30th season, the talented and charismatic conductor, Chen Zimbalista, joined in building the program, editing it and presenting it to its special audience. Thanks to his extensive experience in creating a complete experience from the musical meeting, the audience will enjoy additional meetings that will enhance every visit to the concert into a great celebration.

The children's series is part of a broad program to make classical music accessible, familiar and building a complete experience for the younger generation.

An important part of the orchestra's vision is dedicated to introducing the young audiences to classics, instruments, colorful stories and scenes that together create a spectacular and exciting musical experience that plants a cultural stake in their soul and culture.

Over the years, the series has been very successful. In the current season, we will expand the discourse surrounding the experience and allow the young audience to ask questions and be an active part of the entire experience, to really stimulate as much active involvement as possible in the contents that make up the entirety of the experience.

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